1997 Collabo-Art “KAN”

Collabo Art “KAN” Water in Faces
at Aichi Arts Center
7 October, 1997


October 7
You and I creating a flow while riding the wave.
I and you creating a flow while riding the wave.
The entire audience is performer in air.
Impress by players, viewers, and listeners.
With the birth of a new performance stage.

Katsuhiro Yamaguchi

Dance, music, film and artist from various genres will assemble and crash at Aichi Center to create a joint performance. The collaboration called “Collabo Art” was initiated to create even better works through collaboration while maintaining the characteristics of different genres.

This is an international collaboration between the Aichi Arts Center and the Victorian Arts Center. The Space selected for this performance is enormous 50 meter stairwell at the Aich Arts Center called the Forum. We intend to breath life into an inorganic space, which generally is only a transitional point for the theater and art museum. “Collabo-Art” will be a motion-oriented performance in which the audience walks with the artists to create a flow.

Its title is “Kan”. This word elicits the sense of circulation, rotation, or ring in Japanese. The title was created by imaging the audience and the artists circulating in the center as if water and a motif of water. The audience wanders throughout the Aichi Arts Center… floating, pausing, stopping, and moving forward again.

The forum will move into an extraordinary space for only one day on October 7. This mysterious space will be disconnected from our daily life,even through it will be located in daily life called public space. A new form of collaboration and unique experience in which the audience itself becomes the performer to create a flow within this space will take place. The collaboration will only be complete when joined by the audience.


Total Direction:Katsuhiro Yamaguchi
Guitar/Composition :Tsuneo Imabori
Sax:Toru Odajima, Naruyoshi Kikuchi
Choreograph:Sumie Yonei
Choreograph/Dance:Sue Healey
Dance:One Extra Company

Articles on newspapers:
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“Collabo Art-KAN”, The Mainichi Shimbun / Local edition, 2 October, 1997
“Collabo Art-KAN”, The Chunichi Shimbun, 13 October, 1997

Broadcast programs on televisions:
“Yugata Ichiban”, TVA, 7 October, 1997
“Tokai News Wave”, NHK Satellite, 7 October, 1997